Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trying for Green

Over the course of the past year, "going green" went from a trickle to a steady drip in my life. I'd like to get to a good, strong stream.

I'm not going to be flip and say that going green is easy. For most of us, it requires making changes. And change is hard. Learning new habits, unlearning old ones...all hard.

And it can be overwhelming. I'm big on reading everything I can find on a topic and of course there's an endless amount of information on greening your life. And I have to say that as excited as I may start out with a book or website, by the end, I often feel completely inadequate and like what I can do wouldn't possibly make a dent in our world's environmental concerns.

That's when I need to stop, take a breath and remember that I'm making these changes because of how they make me feel. I feel intensely satisfied by making environmentally and healthy choices for me, for my family and for my community.

And community is huge. There's nothing like surrounding yourself with people who share your passions. That's why I've created this blog. To connect with others who feel the way I do. Who are doing their best and trying for green.