Monday, January 31, 2011

The Growing Season Has Begun!

Using the charts in the back of the Square Foot Gardening book, I figured out the start dates for all the seeds I need to sow. Last weekend it was broccoli and parsley, specifically Romanesco broccoli and Italian Flat Leaf parsley.

To the left here, you can see the exciting little broccoli seedlings I discovered yesterday. It took exactly 7 days for them to sprout. How freakin' cute are they?

The parsley takes 15-21 days, so they remained stowed beneath my bed, in a large ziploc bag to keep in the moisture.

Snapdragon seeds are next! I have always bought transplants at the nursery, so it's going to be a whole new experience starting them from seed. I love snapdragons, not only because I associate them with my grandfather, but because they just never quit. They bloom and bloom and bloom up until the first hard frost.

Naturally, once seeds have sprouted, they need to go to a sunny spot, but with no available south facing windows, I've got them in the kitchen window in the morning and the living room window in the afternoon. Not ideal, but it's the best I can do until I can set up my portable greenhouse outdoors. With yet another snow storm on the way, and continued freezing cold temps, that won't be happening anytime soon. I may have to put a table by the livingroom window to hold all the seedlings I'll soon have.

How exciting!

I've gotten all my seeds so far from and I've been very happy. Friendly, helpful staff, cute packaging, and free seeds with every order.

Just wanted to share this shot of Jack's seedlings. This fall when we took a walk to the local park, Jack discovered some fascinating seed pods on a neighbor's evergreen bushes. They were all spiky and weird and when we broke them open, we found some brown seeds. So, we took them home and attempted to grow them.

And here they are. Jack is convinced they will turn into beautiful Christmas trees in no time at all. It's fun to see his excitement.

Oh yeah! And tonight is my first Master Gardener class at URI! I can't wait!

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