Monday, March 15, 2010

Water Trauma

This week's challenge on Reduce Footprints is based on a post I did the other day on water. RF asks us to reduce the water flow at the faucet to a trickle whenever possible, something I constantly try to do.

So, it's rather ironic that last week the water guy who came to change our meter gave us the horrifying news that we have a leak somewhere under our slab foundation that is losing 5 GALLONS AN HOUR!! I'm so horrified, it's hard to write that sentence.

We've had a plumber out who couldn't locate the leak anywhere and told us we'd have to rip up all the floors to find it. -gulp-

Considering our budget, that simply isn't possible, so my dear husband has another plan. He and a friend are going to reroute with new pipes and essentially shut off the leaking pipe, wherever it may be.

If he could manage to take some time off work, he'd have already started, but we must wait till Saturday. Please wish us luck in this endeavor, as my husband has zero plumbing experience.

I'll let you know how it goes. (fingers crossed for success!)


  1. Oh no! I hope you're having good luck...

  2. That seems like a sensible solution. Heck 5 gallons an hour, that's a lot of water.


  3. I have also added your blog to my Blogger's Cafe: in Library 4, Green Blogs.